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Create the life you desire and deserve through self-discovery, self-love, self-healing, and self-empowerment courses and coaching.

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Self-Care is an inside out job.

Mental health


Develop the skills to set boundaries, prioritize their well-being, and create balance your life for more ease.​



Shift into a mindset that allows you to attract opportunities, wealth, and resources into your life.



Unlock your true potential, make wealth-building decisions, and create a life of fulfillment and achievement.

This program is for you if you feel the following feelings.



When you have thoughts, emotions or behaviors that are out of control.

Painful challenges

Painful challenges

When you are struggling to deal with life’s painful challenges such as a major illness, the loss of a loved one, divorce or job problems.



When the use of alcohol or drugs interferes with your health.

Coaching program

25․02 In person

Balanced Thinking: Developing a Wise Mind

26.02 - 01.03 In person

Incorporating New Habits Into Our Lives

02.03 - 06.03 Online

Does Your Childhood Justify Your Attitude?

07.03 - 10.03 Online

Understanding the connection between physical and mental health

11.03 - 14.03 Online/In person

Recognizing when to seek professional help

15.03 - 17.03 Online

Identifying signs and symptoms of mental health problems

21.03 - 22.03 Online

Strategies for dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression

23.03 In person

Techniques for managing emotions and building resilience

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Coaching program

Guy Hawkins

Amanda has been extremely helpful during the grieving process, and has also helped process some of the anxiety surrounding the start of my career. She’s a wonderful therapist.

Guy Hawkins
Dr. Psychologist / Amanda Contreras

Robert Fox

She has been able to help me tremendously, and has been extremely understanding of my tough schedule. I have the utmost confidence in her expertise and would recommend her to absolutely anyone.

Robert Fox
Dr. Psychologist / Amanda Contreras


Amanda is a wonderful therapist. I would recommend to everyone.

Dr. Psychologist / Amanda Contreras


I have the utmost confidence in her expertise and would recommend her to absolutely anyone.

Dr. Psychologist / Amanda Contreras

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